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Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is Alive & Growing

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is alive and growing because of old fashion innovation. The virtues that grew the family businesses of yesterday, cooperation and communication have resurfaced to facilitate expansion and enrichment of the technology driven businesses today. There is nothing old fashion about sharing information, sharing solutions and inspiring common success among your neighbors. While global communication has never been easier, talking and sharing with those closest to you has never been more critical. The core purpose of regional manufacturing alliances has always been to help our business leaders create a strong network of local partners.

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The Latest Tariff War Can Hurt Local Manufacturers

Just as in nature, the economy works best when it is in balance.  When the monetary level of exports is roughly equivalent to the financial cost of imports, business on both sides of the transactions are generally satisfied.  However, when one side is able to gain a...

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Recap of the April 24 Event

Here is a recap of a few key takeaways that I found during The Manufacturing Event in King of Prussia last Tuesday for those that were not able to join us. Feedback from our participants was extremely strong, and almost all in the audience felt that they received...

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Fallout from Tax and Tariff Changes

When tax laws are revised and tariff policies are adjusted, good intentions are not always met with satisfying results. Businesses are generally very good at making the modifications and adaptations necessary to deal with law and policy changes over the long haul....

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Manufacturer Spotlight

Campbell Fittings is recognized throughout the industry as a manufacturer of the finest hose fittings, couplings, and clamps of their kind in the world. Campbell combines unique fitting and coupling design features with engineered hose attachment technology to provide performance and safety unmatched in the industry. They continue to develop and test even better, safer products for the future at their headquarters in Boyertown, PA. Visit our website here:

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