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Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is Alive & Growing

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is alive and growing because of old fashion innovation. The virtues that grew the family businesses of yesterday, cooperation and communication have resurfaced to facilitate expansion and enrichment of the technology driven businesses today. There is nothing old fashion about sharing information, sharing solutions and inspiring common success among your neighbors. While global communication has never been easier, talking and sharing with those closest to you has never been more critical. The core purpose of regional manufacturing alliances has always been to help our business leaders create a strong network of local partners.

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What the Survey Said – Quotes from Manufacturing Leaders

“Manufacturing has been the least impacted industrial segment during the coronavirus crisis” said a PA government official. “As business owners, we are challenged every day with obstacles to overcome.  This time, we simply hit a whale sized obstacle.  As it has always...

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How Local Manufacturers Maneuvered During Covid-19

As our region and our state is currently moving back to a new normal, business leaders are faced with a new set of challenges and a broad spectrum of unknowns.  What has become painfully obvious is that many pre-COVID-19 strategies do not apply now, predictions on...

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Local Manufacturers Shift Gears To Help Combat Covid-19

Several local manufacturers have stepped up to help address shortages of Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE), hand sanitizer, Covid-19 tests and life sustaining hospital equipment. Below are a few of the stories but we suspect there are many more heros in this fight...

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Manufacturer Spotlight

Waste Gas Fabricating is a metal fabricator in Bucks County PA. One of the largest facilities in the region. They have 3 laser cutters, a waterjet and 2 plasma cutters in house. Waste Gas is known best for BIG Parts. You will find over 10 CNC milling centers, 10 Press Brakes and one VERY Large 785 ton Beykal. Visit for more info.

Service Provider of the Month

employee benefit solutions

Tom Gilmour of eXplorations Marketing does more for the manufacturing community in our region than any other service provider. He created this video for Waste Gas, developed 100’s of manufacturing websites, writes SEO and content for many of our partners. If you like this video, this website, or need a true digital marketing partner for your business, visit to connect with Tom.