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Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is Alive & Growing

Manufacturing in Pennsylvania is alive and growing because of old fashion innovation. The virtues that grew the family businesses of yesterday, cooperation and communication have resurfaced to facilitate expansion and enrichment of the technology driven businesses today. There is nothing old fashion about sharing information, sharing solutions and inspiring common success among your neighbors. While global communication has never been easier, talking and sharing with those closest to you has never been more critical. The core purpose of regional manufacturing alliances has always been to help our business leaders create a strong network of local partners.

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Run Away Robots

As the next level of robotic automation occurs, worker’s stress is being pushed to new heights. While collaborative robots, called cobots, have previously dominated the materials handling marketplace, there is a significant movement underway to utilize mobile robotic...

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Creating a Technology Culture

The Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing revolution has arrived – bringing many challenges, particularly its impact on the operational workforce. Previous industrial revolutions resulted in worker efficiency, improved individual performance, and expanded individual growth...

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The Fab Lab Helps Students See Manufacturing Differently

The Mobile Fab Lab has been stimulating creativity in the minds of students and area educators in Bucks County since October 2019 and will continue to take STEAM on the road throughout the 2020 school year. Dr. Lindsey Sides and her team from the Bucks County IU did a...

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Manufacturer Spotlight

H Shoemaker Welding and Machine is an active member of The Manufacturing Alliance and our spotlight member this month. A full service AS9100 Rev D & ISO 9001 Facility offering Multi Axis CNC Machining, Certified Welding, Custom Metal Fabrication, on site services and installations, with an Experienced staff for all of your Manufacturing Solutions.

Service Provider of the Month

employee benefit solutions

WorkMerk provides simple solutions to help workers do more, waste less, risk less and be safe. We’ll analyze your organization’s inefficiencies, develop technology-driven solutions, and provide measurable results showing you the improvement. The WorkMerk Mate is a patented wearable device your company will leverage to full advantage. Check out our new video here on our profile page.