Covid-19 Actions & Our Manufacturing Community in PA

To All our Manufacturing Alliance Members,

First – we hope you all are staying well and staying safe through these very trying times. There is some confusion in the manufacturing industry as to which companies need to close, and which may remain open. It must be said that regardless of whether your business has been deemed “essential” or not, it is incumbent upon all of us to operate with the highest level of social responsibility during this time. If your business is open, your standards of cleanliness, and adherence to the CDC protocols ( should be beyond reproach. It is the only way we will be able to extricate ourselves from this horrible situation with the least loss of life.

Links to the List of Business Types, Email Addresses and FAQ’s

There have been a number of communications over the last few days that have offered possible resources to get this to be clearer. Below is a list of links that have been circulated through DVIRC, MAP and SEPMA. It cannot hurt to have them out there again:

It should be noted that it is helpful to have letters from your clients that state that you are a critical supplier. If you have not received a letter like this, reach out to your customer base to companies that you know provide life-sustaining medical device work, or defense infrastructure and ask them for a letter.

John Shegda, M&S Grinding

Manufacturing Alliance & NTMA Working Together

We have also teamed with the NTMA lobby group in Washington DC to attempt to raise awareness of the situation in PA and across the country with manufacturing:

  • We have been communicating with Omar Nashishibi (Lobbyist) in Washington in order to get some national visibility for manufacturing and its critical ongoing role to the country.
  • Omar has advised to reach out within our networks in PA to apply some pressure to State of PA to define better to which businesses the edict to close doors apply. This means you too – reach out to your State Representative and Senator to let them know your struggles.
  • We have also reached out to contacts within the Governor’s office, and US Senator Toomey’s office, on behalf of manufacturing. In an attempt to get some traction at the highest levels to understand the importance of this – very tough to get this audience in regular times…let alone now, but it is worth a shot.

Please stay safe and well.
With greatest regards,
Your Leadership Team