Member Benefits

Benefits for Manufacturers in the Alliance

To be a Manufacturing Member, you either own or are in a leadership position at an organization that creates, builds, assembles, distributes and transfers a product for sale to an end user. There is no cost to a manufacturing member or to participate in events. The leadership of The Alliance is made up of manufacturing members and all program presentations are led by manufacturing members.

All others are considered Service Providers. To participate as a service provider member, you must be sponsored and endorsed by a manufacturing member. The intention of this vetting procedure is to highlight individuals and service organizations that have a proven track record of success with manufacturing leaders in our region. Historically, business leaders have relied on each other for a trusted referral and this is an extension of that tradition.

The Benefits of Membership in the Alliance:

  • Communication among peers
  • Sharing resources, opportunities and solutions among local partners
  • Access to events, programs and directories that connects you with information you need
  • Connection with services and organizations that are vetted and have successfully served like organizations in your neighborhood.
  • Networking with potential customers, supply chain partners and financial providers
  • Access to the latest recruiting/training programs and talent pipeline development
  • Chance to get involved with like-minded individuals seeking to make a positive difference in our local manufacturing world

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If your business can add value to our manufacturing community and has a physical location in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we invite you to present your business case here: