Thank you to the over sixty manufacturing business leader members who responded to the recent Manufacturing Alliance survey.  Your input is invaluable to ensure the Alliance is providing our manufacturing community with the information and services needed. Results came back pointing to nine major topics of interest to the respondents. Over the next few weeks, we will issue a series of articles that will target each topic individually with the goal of creating a baseline for future discussions. These topics are broad in scope and the answers to them are generally specific to each organization. Each article will quote individual owners and detail some specific strategies that have been successfully applied by various organizations in the past.

Ultimately, we will use these same topics to create a two-three minute YouTube videos that will be accessible on the website as a resource to our members. Finally, we will be offering a phone conversation or visit by one of The Alliance Team Leaders to discuss individual situations with the business owner/executive, if they are interested in pursuing the topic in greater depth.

The nine survey topics to be covered are as follows:

  1. Tips on lowering your overhead costs
  2. Finding better customers
  3. Technology to replace tasks/functions
  4. Idea’s that would make my business more profitable
  5. Self-assessment tools that will help me value my business
  6. How to create a targeted sales/marketing campaign
  7. Upgrading my digital marketing practices
  8. Strategies to re-position my business in a new market segment
  9. Effectively using my recruiting budget dollars

Manufacturing leaders are encouraged to use the website blogging capability to respond, add comments and suggest alternatives to content proposed in the articles.  Core purpose of the alliance is to encourage information sharing and networking among its members.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of a helpful dialogue around current issues.