Our latest member survey revealed a desire for “providing a little bit of knowledge around a lot of manufacturing leader issues”. These two previous posts addressed Recruiting Strategies and a Technology Transformation done by one of our manufacturing members. This post recaps the last part of our most recent Technology in Manufacturing event. Specifically;

  • Cultural enhancements
  • Technology and automation from a supply chain leader perspective
  • Technology survey responses from Alliance leaders

Multiple presenters addressed each of these areas with impactful insights and recommendations. We have enclosed the power points from each for your review.

EOS = A Culture Shift from The Top Down

Cultural enhancements was covered by Maria Baseggio of Sage Insights llc.  Maria used the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to display the six key components for enhancing and strengthening your organization.  The orchestrated interactions among vision, process, people, data, issues and traction drive the improvements you desire.

<< Download Maria's Presentation Here >>

Manufacturing Survey Results

Responses to those SCL suggestions and use of digital recruiting tools by members was developed through 14 one on one meetings with alliance business leaders. This feedback was candid, insightful and reflective of real world dilemmas around technology, how to use and how to pay for it.

Download Survey Presentation Here

Download Supply Chain Presentation Here