The Manufacturing Alliance members are now using The Marketplace to help them make decisions. Service providers found in this directory have already been vetted by fellow members and therefore considered trustworthy. So one of the best ways for you to capture the attention of a manufacturer in this organization is to be listed in The Marketplace. This directory allows manufacturing member’s access to preferred providers who have been endorsed by fellow manufacturing executives. We encourage all service providers who are interested in participating on the directory to access to visit our Membership Page to start the process.

In addition, we have organized an event just for service providers. Our goal is to provide an open forum for discussion and input on;

  • Directory utilization
  • Guidance on creating an effective profile for you and your organization
  • Best ways to market yourself and your organization
  • Examples and suggestion on how to enhance your profile
  • How to solicit manufacturing endorsements
  • How the rating system works
  • Referrals and recommendations among manufacturers and other providers

The event is scheduled for May 22nd at the Horsham Township facility.  The Time for this informational event is 9:30 – 11:30. For now, mark your calendars and you can expect an invitation to go out by early May. RSVP to this event here: RSVP