The issues facing sustained success as a manufacturing organization remain consistent. Lack of available credit, foreign competition and limited skilled labor continues to be the strength in Numbersdandelions in our workplace garden. Pushed down one day and returning the next. However, the one that doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that manufacturing organizations in this region resist the notion of joint action can lead to mutual success. We remain competitive with one another and don’t believe that cooperation on a business level is a formula for long term growth for everyone.

The regional Manufacturing Alliances’ continue to work hard to address the skills shortages, awareness around regional competitiveness and expanding financial knowledge. Every alliance event focuses on one or more of these themes. However, the most basic reason for our existence is building person to person connections among manufacturers in our region. The Bucks and Montgomery County Alliance does not charge you to be an alliance member simply because we don’t want that to be a barrier for you to get involved. We have a firewall protected directory for manufacturers that only communicates with members. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to understand what your neighbors do, share information and build relationships with your peers.

One leader, one company and one communication at a time, The Manufacturing Alliance is trying to change the mindset that mutual cooperation and participation can make a positive difference. While the process of developing a trusted network can be slow and challenging, it really has to start with the decision to take the risk and reach out. The Manufacturing Alliance is here to help make the transition easier and less dramatic. Our website is a great communication tool to help you get more involved and connect with other regional manufacturers.