Our last session was filled with great content but we know we only scratched the surface on these topics of:

  • Employee Referrals
  • Digital Recruiting
  • Candidate Tracking Software
  • Company Culture

In our most recent survey, most of our membership requested more information and events that address ways to attract and retain talented employees. So, 50% of our time on Thursday March 21st was devoted to this discussion. We also discovered that the 3rd week of March was a very busy time for most employers and therefore this short recap is for those that were not able to join us.

Karla Trotman of ElectroSoft Inc. shared with our attendees this video

To show us how she is leveraging the power of video to connect with a younger generation of skilled workers and communicate with applicants that may not be suited for a job. We can all acknowledge that our HR teams can get buried under a pile of applications from people that do not have the skills we need. She went on to explain how this video helped separate the chaff from the wheat.

We plan on offering an expanded workshop to help you learn how you can better connect with your future workforce using video, Smartphone friendly applications and attract a better-quality applicant with minimal investment.

To help us choose a date for this workshop, we will ask you to choose one of the 3 options below and complete the form so we can reach back out to you with an invitation.

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Employee Referrals Make Great Candidates

Bob Archibald of Aliro started us off with a discussion about The Power of Employee Referrals. He reinforced the facts that applicants referred to an employer as opposed to applicants found through other resources are:

  • More Likely to be hired
  • Stay employed for longer periods
  • 93% become top performers

He also spent some time talking about the Aliro Veteran Network that helps transitioning military service members secure long term commitments. Feel free to reach out to Bob directly if you are interested in developing a referral network of your own. Bob Archibald: arch@onaliro.com

Software Makes Hiring Employees Easier

Next up we had Kyle Curley and Ed Adams of Gallagher HR Consulting discuss recruiting software. Now we understand most of our members are not currently using any candidate tracking software and believe that your efforts to attract the right employees and manage the application process more effectively will benefit you by using this type of software. Most ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) today automates these following tasks:

  • Daily Planning
  • Resume Parsing
  • Sharing Internally and Communication with Applicants
  • Integration with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Betterteam, etc.
  • Organization (Track groups, job orders, clients, candidates)
  • Search Functionality
  • Creating Shortlists, Managing Attachments

They shared their expertise and insights of 12 different ATS solutions and here is a quick list of the smaller, startup providers:

Here are a couple of the larger (more expensive) Providers

Now pricing for these software solutions range from $240.00/year to $140,000/year. Each has its Pros and Cons. Some may fit the needs of smaller businesses and there are those that work best for companies with over 1000 employees. The gentlemen from Gallagher invite you to reach out to them directly to understand how they can help or you can do your own evaluation.

You can also Download their Presentation here >>

Thank you Kyle for sharing!

We covered all of that in just the 1st hour. The next hour focused on Technology and Automation for the operation.