In the face of the escalating terrible news around the spread of COVID-19 virus, workforce well-being surpasses every other issue we have as business leaders. Never before have we been compelled to ask them to risk so much of their own personal welfare to provide the essential skills needed to produce the products we sell. Every business that is open faces daily staffing issues, supply chain logistics and shipping challenges. In almost every case, their workforce has figured out how to meet and exceed the requirements placed in front of them.

It is the human aspect, coupled with the pressure for self- preservation, that continues to ramp up.  Every organization is doing their best to create workforce incentives for continued participation, from total coverage for missed time off, job continuation when there isn’t enough work to perform, to across the board hourly pay increases.  However, as more desperate times arrive, the call is for an even higher level of actions by business owners.  We as an alliance of business leaders encourage you to consider:

  • Daily communications around what you have done and what you are doing. Create success stories, develop goals and celebrate achievements. Over communicate every chance you get.
  • Create some sort of a worker courage incentive program, something that begins right now and ends when we finally achieve an all clear. An award that accumulates daily, is tied to overall success, and is specific to recognition for the sacrifices they make on your behalf each day.

Make sure this incentive demonstrates sacrifice on your part.  Your employees know that you are working hard to keep the business alive and do not expect you to put long term survival at risk. However, sharing the pain is the best way to display appreciation and commitment. While we are all facing new challenges every day, it will be our resolve and determination that will carry us through this tumultuous time. Right now, we have the opportunity to recognize our workforce for the courage they demonstrate in trusting us.