Green Tweed is headquartered in Kulpsville PA and presented to our attendees how they are addressing their Technology Transformation that they call The Right FITT

Smart Manufacturing Case Study

Henry Stueber and Ms Vinitha Moskal shared a case study of how they got started and the steps they took to upgrade, automate and transform the manufacturing processes. They introduced those who attended this event to some new terms such as EDI, The Technology Roadmap, Industrial IoT and Additive Manufacturing. As you can see from the video, Greene Tweed is on year 3 of a 5 year effort to leverage technology in all corners of their company. They are following a plan that has been developed over 3 years ago called The Technology Roadmap.

100% of those that responded to our member survey agreed that they need to embrace more technology but most did not really know how or where to begin. Therefore we have asked Ms. Moskal to help facilitate a workshop for our members, large and small.

Build a Technology Roadmap For Your Company

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