We anticipated a few of the questions you may be asking about manufacturing technology in general and this Roadmap project. Here are the answers our team of experts came up with to these questions. Any additional questions, you can submit them to golson@manufacturingalliancepa.com

Q; What is the key difference between Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0?

A: 3.0 is automation and systems upgrades (computer) implemented to help workers perform tasks. The difference is that 4.0 facilitates data transfer between machines and systems with minimal human intervention.

Q: Why is move to Industry 4.0 so important?

A: What most business owners are not aware of, Industry 4.0 is a global tsunami. Right now it is in the ocean moving at 1000 MPH and only 1 foot high. In a few short years, this wave will be approaching the shores were our companies reside. By then, it will be a 1000 feet high and will be impossible to avoid. Right now we are constructing the plans for a boat that will ride the wave and not be tumbled by it!” expert: John Shegda of Meron Medical

Q: How does the Technology Road-mapping process address the Industry 4.0 issue?

A: “it is the gateway for small manufacturers” Karen Norheim – American Crane
“it helps build a bridge to Industry 4.0 and allows companies to better understand where they are
with automation and computer systems integration.” Greene Tweed Technology team
“it helped solidify some of the competitive advantages I was looking at.” Karla Trotman – Electro Soft
“ it pointed us in the right direction and helped us move past “that’s the way we always have done it”.
Bud Tyler – E.F. Group

Q: Why is it important to tie recommended technology upgrades to specific company needs?

A: “If you do not tie automation digitalization to the business needs, you will end up with a lot of flashy Technology without the ROI of key business metrics.” expert: Greene Tweed technology team

“integrating suggested technology upgrades with our companies strategic plan is a set up for providing valuable output.” expert: Karen Norheim – American Crane

Q: Why are clear expectations and owner input required before the project begins?

A: “The need to understand the business leaders expectations and wants before launching the mapping process is mission critical.” expert: Karen Norheim – American Crane

Q: Why the focus on creating a competitive advantage through technology upgrades?

A: “Technology upgrades through road-mapping are the tools to realize the vision of achieving a competitive advantage in your business. While vision and business plans come first, lack of a clear path(s) with a targeted technology focus would leave companies short of reaching their business goals.” expert: Greene Tweed Technology team