The “skills gap” remains the primary hindrance for sustained growth of manufacturing Companies in the southeastern region. While significant resources have been applied to training the existing workforce, the main culprit continues to be the lack of qualified candidates coming through the door. The alliance’s talent pipeline group has been presenting various strategies to help our members attack the problem. This article will focus on digital employment marketing. We will explore the growing trends among companies using their recruiting dollars to find candidates through digital media sources.

Using Social Media to Attract Candidates

Every county in the Southeastern Region is at a full employment status. This means that almost everybody seeking a job has a job. Therefore, in almost every case, your next new hire will either come right out of school or, they already have a job. Regardless, almost every new applicant will use a social media device to tap into the internet to begin their job search. Statistically, over 70% of the job seekers begin their search on Google. YouTube is owned by Google and it has become the secret weapon for attracting digital job seekers.

Understanding Your Audience…a Blueprint for a Recruitment Process

Ira S. Wolfe (Wind Gap, PA), author of Recruiting in the age of Googlization (, says that “the wired, tired and technology are converging and yet many companies continue to recruit and screen talent like it’s still 1970. The automation of work makes it seem like science fiction has taken over the workplace. The result is that the competition for qualified workers is both terrifying and intensifying. It’s time for every business to get its SHIFT together and get a grip on reality.”

Wolfe recommends that you take a close look at your marketplace, competitors and your community to uncover the keys to finding those skilled applicants. The first key is understanding your audience. What are they looking at and what gets their attention? The second key is to determine “what’s the trigger” for getting them to act. The suggestion is not to lead with a job opening but focus first on what you offer as a company.

Using YouTube to Recruit Candidates…an Experiment for Small Companies!

According to a Gallup research report, high quality candidates are attracted to companies that align with who they are and encourage them to do what they do best. These high-quality candidates pay close attention to “great places to work” lists and other external recognition factors that highlight the social and environmental philosophies of an organization.

The Alliance has initiated an experiment, lead by Karla Trotman of Electro Soft, Inc. (, to create YouTube videos highlighting her organization and job openings that exist within her company. These videos are being created using just a smartphone for both content and editing. The objective is to pursue a low cost, yet effective, alternative for other small companies in our membership. If the effort is successful in generating applicants, our goal is to offer a workshop for interested member companies in early 2019.

The Alliance also has several service providers who offer digital recruiting support options. From recruiting/applicant software to blogging. These and many other strategies will be highlighted at a future alliance event in 2019. We encourage you to review the alliance service providers detailed on the website, and/or call us directly, to get suggestions on who to contact for your specific needs.