Technology Roadmap for Manufacturers

We have learned that the first step in the process is to build a technology roadmap. So your Manufacturing Alliance leadership team has partnered with two manufacturing consultants to help us develop a program that will allow our members to Develop A Technology Roadmap that is customized for their organization.

Technology Roadmap for Manufacturers

Over the past six months, this consulting team has created a 3 Part Mapping Process that includes.

  • Smart Manufacturing Education
  • A focus on manufacturing processes that can benefit from technology upgrades
  • The actual creation of customized technology roadmaps that address automation, software/hardware systems and Industry 4.0 applications that will enhance a manufacturing organization based upon your company goals.

We have field tested this “Develop a Technology Roadmap” program with these 4 Manufacturing Alliance members.

MemberAmerican Crane E.F. GroupElectro Soft Inc.Meron Medical
Contact PartnerMs. Karen NorheimBud TylerKarla TrotmanJohn Shegda

In March of this year, we hosted a Smart Manufacturing event where we heard from the COO of Greene Tweed and his Technology Consultant on how they developed a roadmap and have now at the tail end of their 5 year plan to achieve Greene Tweed’s technology goals. Thank you, Henry, and Vinitha for playing an integral role in this development process so the rest of our members, if they are interested, can gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

We are now seeking 12 new manufacturing partners to roll this program out to. If your organization qualifies, the cost is FREE, with a special funding coming from SEWN and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

We understand you will have some questions and have put together this Q&A page here >>

With the completion of 16 Technology Roadmaps created for our members, we believe we will have enough data to apply for state funding for others to get this opportunity too.

If you are interested in getting a Technology Roadmap developed for your company, please email Greg Olson at

FYI: Your time investment is minimal (3 – 2 hour sessions) and the return on that investment can positively change the direction of your company.

To be eligible, operations for your manufacturing company must be in Southeastern Pennsylvania and you should be willing to invest your time into this development process.

Email Greg using the above address or complete this form below.

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